Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Found finding the Finder?

"I found God." An all too common phrase used by Christians to express several feelings of accomplishment. They may be implying that they completed certain deeds that brought them closer to God, that they went on a metaphorical journey or that they denied themselves certain pleasures-applied a discipline. Sometimes converts will also use this cliche to speak of a new life choice. Although it might be a pet peeve of mine and a fun satirical endeavor to dissect this cliche, I believe there is also slight danger for those who ascribe too deeply to such a notion of the Found finding the Finder.

Is God lost? Where was God hiding? You found God? Oh, how dedicated and profound your detective skills must be (tongue in cheek). Isn't it we who were lost then found?

For God in his search, looking out from the most high with all advantage, saw us before we were born and recovered all creation with a vicarious sacrifice. Thus, the Found benefited from an action that was not their own and were given access due to the Finder's will and grace.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Strength of Salvation

When Saul aka Paul "worst of sinners" was bestowed salvation, this was a display of the strength and patience of salvation. He was a murderer and serial in method. He held a position of authority that could easily hide his deeds by false-context and hire the best legal defense. This precedent of salvation's capability is often forgotten as we in time lose a belief in what salvation can accomplish and narrow it's target audience to those who only commit minimal deeds. We are also given an example of the fruits of salvation. It's not a trifle confession, otherwise it's just words. It's not just a momentary change in weekly actions, otherwise it is just a sensation. Paul's salvation had suffering and repentance, he vowed dedication, he visioned a path of purpose and gave everything.

There is hope in all things reconciled.