Saturday, August 7, 2010

New sensory for new beginning

Many addictions start with the initial sensory experience. The stimulant is so foreign yet so altering. I'm not really focusing on drugs as an example, even though that would fit. I'm thinking more about music or sound waves, more about aesthetics. Our senses experience something unprecedented and when we do, it changes us ever-after. We love our music, to make it, to dance to it, for it to express our feelings. The beautiful person from around the corner, when we see them, just might change our lives forever (sounds like a soapy love movie I know). How is a sensory experience with God any different? There are many who will read the Bible, hear of the gospel, hear preaching, meet Christians, etc. and this will never move them, but for someone like St. Thomas (the inquisitor or the doubter) we know that a touch of Christ's scared hands makes a life changing difference. We know blinding and a vision of Christ can change a murderer into an apostle (St. Paul). And for sound, what about how thunder or a lions deep roar makes the animal kingdom react? How much more reverence the sound of angels singing in heaven?

When I ponder Apocatastasis, I consider that salvation may continue past the grave. I think about the first time a person will hear healing words right from God's mouth, the songs of angels, the sight of God's glory and to touch the hands of Christ. Surely this sensory experience for the worst criminal, the worst doubter would lead to a new beginning.

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  1. That's an in depth way of looking at it but your right, every new thing we learn, feel, hear, taste, effects our decisions.