Saturday, September 3, 2011

Strength of Salvation

When Saul aka Paul "worst of sinners" was bestowed salvation, this was a display of the strength and patience of salvation. He was a murderer and serial in method. He held a position of authority that could easily hide his deeds by false-context and hire the best legal defense. This precedent of salvation's capability is often forgotten as we in time lose a belief in what salvation can accomplish and narrow it's target audience to those who only commit minimal deeds. We are also given an example of the fruits of salvation. It's not a trifle confession, otherwise it's just words. It's not just a momentary change in weekly actions, otherwise it is just a sensation. Paul's salvation had suffering and repentance, he vowed dedication, he visioned a path of purpose and gave everything.

There is hope in all things reconciled.

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